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              Sublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler
              • Sublimation TumblerSublimation Tumbler

              Sublimation Tumbler

              Abstract : our brand-Uirzotn®, specializing in the production of Sublimation Tumbler. We offer a double wall vacuum tumbler that provides excellent insulation for both hot and cold beverages. Our product features a customized surface that can be decorated through the process of sublimation, allowing clients to personalize their tumblers. With our commitment to quality and functionality, Uirzotn® aims to deliver durable and stylish Sublimation Tumbler that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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              Product Description

              Sublimation Tumbler

              Uirzotn® is a reputable manufacturer committed to delivering high-quality Sublimation Tumbler. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with top-notch products and ensure their utmost satisfaction through excellent after-sale service and timely delivery.

              Sublimation Tumbler is a reusable beverage container designed to maintain the desired temperature of liquids while on the move. Renowned for their exceptional insulation properties, these bottles are widely used for storing cold drinks such as water, juice, or iced coffee, as well as hot beverages like tea or coffee.

              The Sublimation Tumbler by Uirzotn® is designed to cater to a variety of preferences and lifestyles. Its selection of styles and colors makes it a versatile choice, ensuring that you can find a tumbler that matches your unique needs and allows you to enjoy your beverages in style, no matter where you go.


              - Model: VK-AM2060

              - Material: 304 stainless steel inner and 201 stainless steel outer

              - Lid: AS

              - Size: 20oz

              - Parts: the straw is optional

              -20oz Sublimation tumbler

              Feature and Application

              Our Sublimation Tumbler offer the following specifications and features:

              Material: The inner layer is made of 304 stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance and excellent heat retention properties. The outer layer is constructed with 201 stainless steel, providing strength and protection.

              Capacity: Each bottle has a generous capacity of 600ml, allowing you to stay hydrated throughout the day without constant refills.

              Leak-proof: Our bottles are designed with a leak-proof lid, ensuring that your beverages stay securely contained and preventing any spills or leaks while on the move.

              Eco-friendly: We prioritize environmental sustainability, and our tumbler water bottles are crafted from eco-friendly materials. They are reusable, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles and minimizing waste.

              OEM and ODM: We gladly accept OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) orders. With our flexible manufacturing capabilities, we can customize the bottles according to your branding, design, and specific requirements.

              Sublimation surface: The surface of our tumbler water bottles is suitable for sublimation printing. This allows for the application of customized designs, logos, or artwork, making each bottle unique and reflective of your personal or brand style.

              With our tumbler water bottles, you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality materials, ample capacity, leak-proof design, eco-friendliness, and the ability to customize through sublimation printing.


              Q1: Are you a factory?

              A1: Yes, we are a professional manufacturing company specializing in Sublimation Tumbler.

              Q2: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

              A2: For this particular product, we have a production quantity of over 100 pieces available each month. So, an MOQ of more than 100 pieces is acceptable.

              Q3: What is the delivery time?

              A3: After finalizing the details with you, we typically require about 7-15 days to process and deliver your order.

              Q4: Can we have different colors and our own logo?

              A4: Yes, we offer customization options. You can select from a range of colors and have your own logo or branding added to the Sublimation Tumbler. We accept OEM and ODM orders, allowing you to personalize the bottles according to your preferences and requirements.

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