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Sports Bottle Buying Guide


For people with exercise habits, a water bottle can be said to be one of the indispensable accessories. In addition to being able to replenish lost water at any time, it can also avoid abdominal pain caused by drinking unclean water outside. However, there are currently many types of products on the market. According to different sports, the applicable materials, capacities, drinking methods and other details will also be different. How to choose is always confusing.

First, we will explain the three key points that you need to pay attention to when buying a sports water bottle. Let’s take a look at what needs to be paid attention to.

1. Choose a suitable drinking water design according to the type of exercise

Sports bottles can be roughly divided into three types: direct drinking type, straw type and push type. According to different sports, the applicable drinking methods will also be different. The advantages and disadvantages of each type will be explained below.

①Direct drinking type: Various bottle mouth designs, suitable for light exercise use

Most of the kettles on the market are of direct drinking type. As long as you turn the bottle mouth or press the button, the bottle cap will automatically pop open. Just like a plastic bottle, you can drink directly from your mouth. It is easy to operate and has a wide variety of styles. Diversified, very suitable for athletes of all ages.

However, if the lid is not tightly closed, the liquid inside may spill out due to tilting or shaking. In addition, if you do not control the amount of pouring when drinking, there may be a risk of choking. It is recommended to pay more attention when using it.

②Straw type: You can control the drinking amount and avoid pouring a large amount of water at one time

Since it is not suitable to pour a large amount of water at once after intense exercise, if you want to slow down your drinking speed and control the amount of water you drink in a single time, you may wish to choose a straw-type water bottle. Moreover, even if this type is poured, it is not easy for the liquid in the bottle to spill out, which can reduce the occurrence of bags or clothes getting wet. It is recommended for people who often carry it for moderate to high-level exercise.

However, compared with other styles, the inside of the straw is easier to accumulate dirt, making cleaning and maintenance a little more troublesome. It is recommended to purchase a special cleaning brush or a replaceable style.

③Press type: Convenient and fast to drink, can be used for any exercise

This type of kettle can dispense water with just a slight press. It does not require force to absorb water and is not prone to choking. You can drink water without interruption no matter what kind of exercise you are engaged in. In addition, it is also very light in weight. Even if it is filled with water and hung on the body, it will not be a big burden. It is quite suitable for cycling, road running and other sports.

However, since most of this type of product does not come with a handle or buckle, it is more inconvenient to carry. It is recommended that you purchase a sports water bottle cover separately to increase the convenience of use.

2. Select materials according to usage requirements

Currently, most sports bottles on the market are made of plastic or metal. The following will describe these two materials.

①Plastic: lightweight and easy to carry, but does not have the effect of insulation and heat resistance

The main attraction of plastic sports water bottles is that they are lightweight and come in various sizes and shapes. Even when filled with water, they are not too heavy and are very suitable for carrying during outdoor sports. In addition, the simple and transparent appearance makes it very convenient to clean, and you can see at a glance whether the inside of the bottle is clean.

However, in addition to being incapable of thermal insulation and having limited heat resistance, it is more suitable for filling with room-temperature water. When purchasing, you must also pay special attention to whether the product has passed relevant safety certifications to avoid drinking plasticizers and other toxic substances that may harm your health.

②Metal: resistant to falling and durable, and can accommodate a wide variety of drinks

In addition to food-grade stainless steel, metal kettles now also have emerging materials such as aluminum alloy or titanium. These kettles can not only keep heat and cold, but some can even contain acidic drinks and sports drinks, making them more widely used. In addition, its main feature is its sturdiness and durability. Even if it is dropped to the ground or bruised, it will not easily break. It is very suitable for carrying for mountain climbing, jogging and other activities.

However, since this material cannot clearly see whether there is any dirt remaining in the bottle from the outside, it is recommended to choose a bottle with a wider mouth when purchasing, which will also be more convenient for cleaning.

3. Models with a capacity of 500mL or more are preferred.

In addition to replenishing water before exercise, you also need to replenish a large amount of water during and after exercise to maintain physical strength and prevent dehydration. Therefore, even for light exercise such as walking, yoga, slow swimming, etc., it is recommended to prepare at least 500mL of water first. Drinking water is more appropriate.

In addition, if you are going to go hiking for a day, the amount of water required by one person is about 2000mL. Although there are large-capacity water bottles on the market, they will inevitably feel heavy. In this case, it is recommended to divide them into two or four bottles. bottle to ensure a source of moisture throughout the day.

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